Welcome to Shantha Enterprises

Shantha Enterprises is a leading group of companies in Sri Lanka. Being established in year 2000 as a customs clearing and freight forwarding company, it has now expanded its business to a wide range of industries. These are logistics and warehouse, importers and dealers of motor spare parts, engines, machinery and vehicle sale, export of fisheries, plantation, transport and tourism and fuel & lubricants distribution in Sri Lanka.

Today it is recognized in Sri Lanka for establishing a good rapport with its clients while building the country for the future. The various industries of Shantha Enterprises has enabled it to come forward in leading businesses all over the nation.

Our Sectors

OUR Vision

Shantha Enterprises hopes to take its leading business areas much further up the ladder in order to build a nation with the latest forms of technology, products and services in its related fields of service.


Shantha Enterprises started as a customs clearing and freight forwarding company in year 2000. It has built up on this first business to come up to the level it is at present. Close to 20 years of expertise within varying industries has thought the company many things about surviving in the industrial world.