Imports and exports are a major part of the economy of any country. This applies in the same manner for Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has many industries focused on exports as well as imports. These all congregate to build up a stable economy in the country.

The use of genuine and compatible spare parts for vehicles, motors and machinery is very important in order to benefit longer from these. This is what has made Shantha Enterprises move in to importing and dealing of motor spare parts, engines, machinery and vehicle sale. The company solely focuses on getting genuine and compatible spare parts for its clients. It hopes to expand this leg of its business operations much further in the near future.

Sri Lanka is an island surrounded by the sea. The great Indian Ocean stands as evidence in proving time in and again, what it is capable of providing to humanity. Fisheries is one of the main industries in the coastal areas of Sri Lanka due to the rich distribution of marine life in the Indian Ocean. This has led to the country moving forward in the fishing industry. Many of the boats used for shipping have high-tech equipment and are able to survive the great ocean under a lot of hard conditions.

Shantha Enterprises has led its diversified group of companies to focus on the fisheries industry of Sri Lanka. Therefore it has looked in to the fisheries export business putting into focus fish such as fresh chilled tuna, tuna lion, tuna steaks, sword fish, sword fish steaks and sword fish lion. The company focuses on bringing on 20 containers per month via air freight. This is indeed a huge amount considering the scale of the business.