Logistics builds up the core unit of major operations of an organization. It is important to get this in line as part of a successful business operation. Taking care of logistics can be a hassle if it is not well organized. This is why there are logistics companies to handle these operations in a smooth manner.

By using a logistics company as a service provider, the business is ensured to be in compliance with global practices and there is also the freedom to focus on the core business. It also brings on the added benefits of getting additional services along with the package. The cost is also considered to be acceptable compared to the services provided and the freedom which the organization gets through it.

Logistics, transportation and warehousing has become an integral part of the various services provided by Shantha Enterprises. Shantha Enterprises logistics includes a fleet of transport which consists of 25 Lorries, 29 Prime Movers, 25 of 40 feet Trailers and 3 Buses. It also comes with the addition of highly skilled drivers and a mechanical team specialized in handling prime movers and Lorries. The company has two large warehouses situated in Sapugaskanda.

The company also undertakes customs clearance and freight forwarding as part of their growing list of services. In fact, this was the first business under which the company operated. It has continued to maintain a team of excellent staff for clearance and forwarding services.

This branch of business operations is the company’s main focus in providing the best of services to its clientele.