Tea is one of the main sources of export business in Sri Lanka. It is also a beverage which has touched the hearts of many Sri Lankans. The tea plant grows under specific weather and soil conditions. Many parts of Sri Lanka are suited to grow tea as a crop. It is indeed something we Sri Lankans are proud of. Our heritage goes a long way within the tea industry.

With this in mind, Shantha Enterprises is proud to announce its ownership of 100 acres of tea in production. Its plantations are distributed in the Central province, Kandy where it has one of the best conditions to grow well.


The coconut industry is also one of the three main export industries in Sri Lanka. Many parts of the coconut tree are used within various industries in Sri Lanka. The husk, shell, flesh, water, leaves, trunks, roots and many more parts of the coconut tree are used to make various products. These products range from food items to handicrafts which are very popular in the country. It also provides a lot of employment opportunities to needy families all over the nation.

Shantha Enterprises has its coconut plantation in Hanwella, Western province of Sri Lanka. It has provided many employment opportunities to needy families of the country. It will continue to work on this project in future, building up the coconut industry in the country.