Sri Lanka, being the pearl of the Indian Ocean, has indeed gained much popularity in the tourism industry. It has brought a lot of foreign exchange to the country and has benefitted the economy of the country in many ways. This is not forgetting the rich history which the country is proud of, starting from the era of the ancient kings and up until the colonial era.

With this much to say, it is evident that many tourists would want to come to the country to witness its beauty. Shantha Enterprises has brought a new meaning within the tourism industry with its luxury tour buses put to good use. The company has five buses used for tourist transportation.

Shantha Enterprises hopes to expand its business in the travel and tourism industry by hoping to increase its capacity. This will work towards the country’s future development in a great manner. It is the aim of the company to make Sri Lanka a tourism hub, just as it used to be back in the golden era of the kingship. This would indeed be possible with the company hoping to expand in leaps and bounds.